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This is our story.

Approximately fifteen years ago, after having already spent an entire childhood together indulging in various creative pursuits, the two of us decided that we wanted to start a band. At this particular point in time I didn’t sing at all and Bob was fairly new to the guitar. On a good day the best we could hope for was to limp our way through a few acoustic arrangements of Dave Matthews Band songs. Regardless, we started to perform live and would play anywhere and everywhere that we could: our respective alma maters, every coffee shop that would have us, every open mic night we could find (here’s looking at you Club Passim), and most notably busking on the streets of Havard Square, Boston, Ma. Meanwhile, the original material started gradually pouring in until we had enough songs to record our first studio album. These recordings culminated in the 2005 release of Blend.

Not long after the release of “Blend” we started searching for a new public venue that would allow us to grow our audience and refine our sound even further. We found the answer to this search in Faneuil Hall Marketplace, and after a brief audition on a rainy Saturday in April of 2006 we received their seal of approval. We didn’t think much of it at the time. Little did we know that this would become our home venue in Boston where we would perform hundreds of shows over the decade to come.
By 2007 we had become frustrated with the dichotomy of working day jobs while gigging endlessly at night. We knew that we needed a monster album and a proper booking agent to catapult us into the next frontier: making a living as musicians. After five months of incredibly hard work that drove me into routine panic attacks we completed recording At The Seams. With a new agent bookending our summers in Faneuil Hall with a full lineup of Spring/Fall semester college gigs we were finally able to use year-round gigging to pay our bills.

We drove so much.

And throughout all this driving we performed at over 200 colleges across the country, landed our first of multiple placements on national television, opened for several incredible bands, and generally solidified ourselves amongst friends and family as “real” musicians. We lived in house all but abandoned by its owner that was overflowing with local musicians who were scraping by. We were having the time of our life.

Then things start to get blurry. After three years of tireless year round gigging we needed to follow up with a new album worthy of the audience that we had acquired. And we had…nothing. We struggled to put together enough quality material to make a new album, and ultimately recorded and released the five song EP Where We Go From Here in 2010.

Time started to pass more quickly. We got tired of the colleges. Faneuil Hall had not been nearly as lucrative during the recession. We had accumulated some debt from promotional ventures that didn’t quite pay off. And so we quietly and gradually slowed down the touring and went back to making a living the old fashioned way…working regular jobs. It was a tough and humbling transition, throughout which we often fielded questions like “Are you guys still doing the band?” that stung more than people realized. In the background, we gradually liberated ourselves from the need for a studio budget by piecing together our own studio. We produced a number of recordings, many of which comprised 2013’s The Way It Should Be. We temporarily recaptured some of our momentum and enjoyed touring exclusively in the Northeast in support of the album.
It was short lived, though. In a last ditch attempt to keep the dream alive we broke ground on new recordings in the early Spring of 2014. We hustled through a few of the early tracks, and started distributing three song EPs to see if they would get any attention. The response was lukewarm at best, and we were creatively humbled to the point of wondering if the spark we once had was just a passing moment in time. And so we gradually finished the remaining recordings through 2015…and then, after much debate…

Deleted them.
All of them.

It seemed insane at the time but ultimately became the most liberating creative experience we have ever had. What we don’t often talk about is that on every album there are moments when we knew something was incomplete. But in those moments we would often cut corners due to either being out time, money, or creative motivation. But now, in the comfort of our own studio with no expectation of an impending release or upcoming tour, we were able to continue working on a piece of art until it was truly finished. In doing so, we gradually put the youthful aspirations of fame and fortune to rest and found the true version of ourselves and this band.

Which brings us to the present.

On Friday, June 23rd we will be releasing our sixth studio album: Lost, Renewed.

To us, this album is our masterpiece. It contains some of the best songs and recordings that we have ever released.
Over the next several weeks we will be sharing many of our favorite moments from the last fifteen years as #somethinglost as well as some sneak previews of the upcoming release #lostrenewed.

We cannot wait to share it with you.