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The new album is going through some new aesthetic changes.  We had to re-print some things and alter some layouts.  It’s only a couple months away!

Now that the recording process is over, people have been asking how it feels to know that it’s finished.  In a word, it’s fantastic.  Completing something that you know will be around forever is a unique feeling.  It’s especially satisfying for this record because two of the songs I wrote for this album are of very special people.

One of those songs was written for my niece Gracey.  As any uncle will say about his niece, she’s the most amazing little girl in the world.  I knew I wanted to write something for her, but at the same time I wanted to write something that could speak to love and being in the company of those you love.  What I mean is, I didn’t want to write a cute little children’s song that I would never play at a club.  I wanted this to be something that Grace would be proud of in 20 years.  I’m hoping I achieved that.  Of course the kicker is, I’ve also now become an uncle to my nephew Christopher.  I don’t think he wants his uncle to write him a song.  Maybe I’ll teach him how to play guitar.

The other song was written for Father’s best friend Franny.  He was like a second Father when I was growing up and, besides my Dad, was the coolest parent I knew. Almost 8 years ago, Fran died of ALS.  I didn’t get to see him much in the last year of his life, but I do remember a Christmas dinner when I last spoke to him.  He was asking me about life, music, & women.

“Bobby A,” he would say to me.

“Enjoy it all!  You might get too tired later, but it’ll be worth it!”

A lot of people lost something when Franny died.  Within a few days of his passing I wrote “Tired Man.”  It’s my goodbye to Mr. Delaney as well as a song about loss and hoping you might see someone again.  After I wrote it, I put it on a shelf for a long time.  Scotty convinced me to bring it back, added his usual magic to it, and it will soon be out there…forever.