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The Basement Sessions

  • Release date: 2003-06-17
  • Recorded at: Scott's Parent's Basement
  • Produced By: Scott O'Brien & Robert Antonelli
  • Engineered By: Scott O'Brien
  • Mixed By: Scott O'Brien and Robert Antonelli
  • Mastered By: Scott O'Brien


  1. 1

    So I'll Wait

  2. 2


  3. 3

    New Eyes

  4. 4

    You'll Cry

  5. 5

    Thousand Cars

  6. 6


  7. 7

    Different Breed


Album Description

This entire album was recorded with a beat up computer pieced together from spare parts, a soundcard that was holding together by duct tape, and a couple of extremely cheap microphones. We were hardly a band at this point, just a couple of friends who liked to write songs and wanted to try and record them. Oddly enough, some of these versions still resonate with us in ways that our more robust recordings don’t. The version of New Eyes is drastically different from the version on At The Seams (2007), Wasted and You’ll Cry never made a studio album appearance, and Different Breed was written and recorded in one night. But this could just be the nostalgia talking.