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  • Release date: 2005-05-01
  • Recorded at: Fleetwood Studios, Revere, MA
  • Produced By: Danny Brown, Scott O'Brien, and Robert Antonelli
  • Engineered By: Danny Brown
  • Mixed By: Danny Brown, Scott O'Brien, and Robert Antonelli
  • Mastered By: Danny Brown


  1. 1

    Our Conversation

  2. 2

    The Way It Goes

  3. 3

    Thousand Cars

  4. 4

    Lazy Day

  5. 5


  6. 6

    Different Breed

  7. 7


  8. 8

    So I'll Wait


Album Description

For about a year or so before we began recording this album, we had made several day trips into Fleetwood Studios to make some scratch recordings of some new material we were working on. We had no budget, no knowledge of how to record, and very little time. Yet these trips eventually transformed from some casual recording into our first full length studio album. It is rough around the edges and I think we both feel that many of these songs never met their true potential. Regardless, it absolutely captures who we were at the time and what we were capable of. The best part about this album is that many of these songs are still regular placements in our set lists today.