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Post From Scott

Approximately fifteen years ago, after having already spent an entire childhood together indulging in various creative pursuits, the two of us decided that we wanted to start a band. At this particular point in time I didn’t sing at all and Bob was fairly new to the guitar.

Video Blog: Find My Way

Post From Bob

Not quite a single, not quite a deep cut. Just a pretty little love song siting somewhere in the middle with a whole lot of melody.

Video Blog: Say It’s True

Post From Bob

It is a deeply held belief of ours that the opening track of an album should be a sonic explosion that immediately sets the mood for everything that follows. If we have truly succeeded at this task then this video should get you very, very excited.

Video Blog: Whisper (Live)

Post From Bob

The penultimate track on our new album. Instead of talking about the recording for this song we decided to play some of it for you. We hope you enjoy this uplifting ditty about failed ambitions and self doubt.


Post From Bob

Right now I’m sitting on the beach with a beer in my hand under an umbrella blocking out just the right amount of sun. I’m going over the adventure I experienced earlier this morning. There was no vocal booth. No elaborate harmonies to be sung. Just harnesses, helmets, pulleys, and cables.