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This Ain’t Your Granddaddy’s Karaoke Bar

Post From Bob

There’s a place in America where Karaoke demands adoration. And my friends, I’ve seen this promised land with my own eyes. I’ve witnessed first hand the class of performers that garner true sing-along respect: they are the Snow Birds of Fort Myers, FL.


I Am Impossible To Work With

Post From Scott

After working steadily on the new album day after day for the past six weeks, it has been communicated to me in a not-so-subtle manner that I am a “meticulous pain in the ass”.


Trial, Error…Song

Post From Bob

Have you ever tried implementing an idea, believed that it’s great, then moments later discover it’s sub-par? It’s a classic case of wheel spinning. Round and round we go, one dead end after another. Soon your ears start to play tricks on you and all of sudden you’re questioning whether the song itself is any good.


It Feels Good To Be Back

Post From Scott

We had the pleasure of opening up for our friends Ryanhood at Club Passim, which we have come to consider our second home after Faneuil Hall. The room was sold out and the crowd was excited, but not nearly as excited as we were to return to the stage.


A New Member Of The Family

Post From Bob

There are many high end guitars at The Guitar Emporium in Arlington, MA. As I sampled the 6-strings and fell in love with some beautiful Martin guitars, I found myself realizing that if I’m going to add another guitar to my guitar family, I want it to be something I can play on stage.


Okay, I’m Scared

Post From Scott

As Monday morning approaches, I will theoretically be sitting in front of my computer with nothing between myself and the completed album except for my ability to create the organs and flesh that will accompany the skeleton. I’m anticipating a plethora of a moments where I am plagued by extreme self-doubt that will only be matched in frequency and intensity by moments of self-assured brilliance.


On The Drums

Post From Bob

My appreciation for the drummer is immense and I sit in awe when I get to observe the talent of drummers and percussionists. For the past 7 years whenever we’ve took to the studio, G. Maxwell has been the one who’s captured my appreciation. And he’s done it again…


The Song Graveyard

Post From Scott

The Song Graveyard is a truly depressing place that is extremely difficult to gain entrance to. It’s full of completed works of art, songs that you put weeks (maybe even months) of work into, songs that you kept on the short list of album candidates, songs that you actually shared with other people and maybe even performed live. But somewhere along the way things went haywire, and you just can’t seem to make it work.


Sharks, Anyone?

Post From Bob

The shark didn’t pass us that time, but a few moments later the call to go down came again. I did my pushing routine and as soon as I went under, the Great White Shark swam slowly past our cage. It was no more than a foot away. Nothing between me and the predator but 12 inches and a piece of steel.


This Part Is Magic

Post From Scott

I think that is part of the magic of being a writer. You get to will something into existence that no one has seen or heard before, put it out into the world for either acceptance or rejection, and slowly watch it grow into whatever it will ultimately become. It fills me with so much excitement I feel like my brain and my heart are going to explode simultaneously.